Charge EV

Electric or ‘plug-in’ vehicles come in all shapes and sizes with a wide array of technologies making up this sector.


The lifetime running costs of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle (Evs) will be of great interest to potential purchasers hoping to offset the higher initial purchase price against lower running costs. Plug-in cars offer a number of potential savings compared to conventional vehicles.

  • A charge giving you a range of around 100 miles will cost around £2 to £4 in electricity. Driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around £12 to £15 in fuel. The cost savings will be greatest when owners have access to an overnight low rate electricity tariff.
  • Zero-emission vehicles that cost less than £40,000 new are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax), whilst other lower emission vehicles still qualify for a lower first year rate.
  • Cars or vans (not exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight) which emit 75g/km or less of CO2 and that meet the Euro 5 standard for air quality qualify for a 100% discount on the Congestion Charge, worth up to £11.50 per day.
  • Free parking may also be available to further encourage the uptake of electric cars in some urban areas.
  • There are fewer mechanical components than conventional vehicles so servicing costs are likely to be lower and we anticipate that maintenance costs will be lower too.
  • Some energy companies offer tariffs that would reward you for charging your car at off-peak times, such as overnight.


Most electric vehicles available on the market today have a typical range of over 100 miles. However, how far you can go on one charge largely depends on how you drive the car. Driving the car in the most efficient way maximises the car’s range and ensures driver satisfaction


At WES, we consult, supply, install and maintain EV charge points in domestic, commercial and public space settings. We supply and install Chargemaster units from the OneCharge to the FastCharge Wallmount and the FastCharge Floor Standing, all to our customer’s requirements.


We have experience of installing EV charging points for car dealers, leasing companies, salary sacrifice providers and many more.


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