Fuse Board Replacement

Fuse Board replacement Liverpool is a service Woodham Electrical Services offers. Current government legislations regulate that homes are fitted with the new 17th version consumer device. This brand-new Fuse Board Unit is created to supply you with a greater level of security for you and your family. Setting up the new 17th edition consumer system will bring your home up to date with the present electrical safety requirements. So if you are considering fuse board replacement in Liverpool give Woodham Electrical Services a call and get one of our skilled electricians to fit a brand-new fuse board or update an existing one.


Woodham Electrical Services has set up 100′s of new and replacement fuse boards in our years of trading. With 1000′s of pleased consumers, have a look at our customer testimonials and see for yourself why so many choose us for fuse board replacement in Liverpool.


When you are thinking about changing your circuit box or board ensure you make use of an experienced electrician. We advise that you do not try and do this task yourself or work with somebody who is not completely certified and will not provide you with the correct electrical safety paper work. There is no point putting your electrical security at threat.

Do you require fuse board replacement in Liverpool?

Older style fuse boards usually have a wooden back board, with cast iron or ceramic switches. Older fuse boards typically include a mix of fuses, if your fuse board resembles this then there is a chance it runs out date and will require changing. Some of the older fuse boards or boxes offer very little defense from electrical shock and do not compare to the high standards of safety offered by a contemporary fuse board. Time to contact Woodham Electrical Services for fuse board replacement in Liverpool.

Is your Fuse Board Safe?

Your fuse board may be out of date. You could still be making use of an older style of fuse board set up in the 1950′s, which does not comply with modern-day health and safety requirements. If you are an occupant or homeowner and your fuses keep tripping or blowing for no reason its time to contact us for fuse board replacement in Liverpool, we have a lot of experience solving these complicated wire and fuse problems.

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