PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing in Liverpool is the recognized method of guaranteeing your home appliances are safe. For homes and workplace places the suggested test period is every twelve months.


At Woodham Electrical Services we’ll liaise carefully with you to arrange a hassle-free time to test all your appliances. We will itemise and log all items which have passed, together with the special device ID and place as needed. We will also provide information of any products which have not passed and will advise on any works needed.

Flexible PAT Testing in Liverpool

We understand that PAT testing isn’t always particularly suitable during normal office hours in busy workplace locations and as such were extremely flexible in our approach and happy to work nights and weekends to fit around your schedule.


Pat Testing in Liverpool costs range from £1.50 to £2.50 per product, dependent upon the number of items that need testing, with the minimum number of products which can be checked being 10, though this is negotiable depending on your scenario.

Landlord Safety Checks in Liverpool.

If you are a landlord renting a property to tenants you have a legal obligation to ensure the electrical system in the property is safe alongside all electrical devices if you are providing them as part of the tenancy. We provide two kinds of assessment for landlords/letting agents.


Yearly Inspection – this demonstrates due diligence on your behalf and is a basic check on the property’s electrical system. Tests consist of a visual assessment, earth loop impedence (Zs) measurement conducted on every socket and on all the properties light circuits, examining for bonding conductors, a function RCD test (if fitted) and PAT testing in Liverpool of 2 devices.


Periodic Inspection Reports – this type of report is a thorough evaluation and test of a property’s electrical system and need to be carried out when getting a property or a minimum of every ten years.

Contact us for PAT Testing in Liverpool

For more information on PAT Testing in Liverpool or if you’re a landlord requiring a safety check completed please contact us by phone or email.